On Monday 18th, Sandor Baranya is visiting us together with his PhD student Gergely “Gergö” Török. Gergö will stay until June15th. In the frame of the Erasmus PhD grant a visiting research activity will be carried out at the Hydraulic Laboratory of the Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering at NTNU. A newly constructed flume, which is unique in Europe, will serve as a basis for the research. Using this up-to-date facility water flow and sediment transport investigations can be carried out aiming the morphodynamical phenomenon related to mixed-size bed material. As the most relevant part of the morphological features the bed armouring processes can be studied playing an important role in rivers such as Danube. This phenomenon has been poorly studied in the last decades in Hungary. New skills will be acquired using up-to-date measurement devices which can contribute to the development of similar laboratory facilities at the home department. Besides laboratory measurements numerical modelling studies will also be carried out as a part of which new sediment transport formulas will be implemented in an existing flow model. Both the laboratory experiments and numerical simulations will be used as investigation tools for the morphological studies of River Danube. Such studies are essential for the ecological, navigational and flood related activities for Danube in Hungary.

Sandor will have a lecture on 2D sediment transport modeling during his stay for one week.


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