The department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering hosted the GESINUS meeting in 2013. Stefan Haun and myself organised this meeting in Norway. Gesinus is a rather informal meeting of researchers dealing with sediment transport. We had a two days meeting, First day in Trondheim, athe department and second day in Surnadal. After an oral session until 14.00 on the first day, we left Trondheim heading for Surnadal Camping. There we fired up the grill and had an awesome BBQ.


Me, looking for the meat to be grilled.


We had around 20 participants, ……..


….. all enjoying the evening very much.




We then distributed parts of Stefans plastic gravel bed to the them. We also included a 2GB memory stick!


Everybody was really happy about it!




On the next morning we had a second oral session until 12.00. We then went for an excursion to the nearby Trollheimen Power station and got a guided tour inside the power plant. After that we posed for the obligatory group picture.

Thanks for coming and sharing your research results.



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