Kari and Ånund took us for a trip to the south west of Norway for a 2-day road trip.After landing in Stavanger we were invited to Lyse where we got an overview of the company. We got to learn about old power plants as well as the newly planned Lysebotn II.


We then went on to Tonstad to see the local power plant. On the way we looked the beautiful landscape.


As we arrived at Tonstad we were served a wonderful lunch and got to enjoy the view on the surrounding mountains.



After lunch we were all excited to go to Tonstad power plant


The power house was impressive and everybody listened carefully to what the guide was telling us.

DSCF1098  DSCF1100

We then entered the second power house and got to hear the stories of the old days. We also got to see a generator under maintenance.

DSCF1128 DSCF1148

After that we went back to the messe and conducted a mini seminar were all CEDREN PhD students gave short presentation on their project. The next morning we rove into the mountain to see the Dam Vasslivatn which is under construction at the moment. The power company Sira Kvina is increasing the hight of the dam due to new safety regulation of NVE. The dam is at present a physical model at our hydraulic laboratory at IVM.


We got to see the open clay core of the dam. Very exciting.


After visiting the dam we crossed the mountains and entered the Lyse Fjord.


At the end of the fjord we entered the ferry and got a 3 hours scenic and relaxing cruise over the fjord. Just enjoy.




Getting off the ferry we were heading for the research station at Ims. some impressions from there.




We then went back to Stavanger to catch the flight home to Trondheim. Thanks Kari for the wonderful planning and Ånund for the initiative to do this trip.






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