TVM 5125 Hydraulic Design, Autumn semester

This course is a MSc level course on the design of hydraulic structures at a hydro power plant. The course covers the basics in hydraulics of open channel flow, hydraulic design of energy dissipation structures, spillways and outlets, turbines and surge tanks, hydraulic steel works and pipe hydraulics. In addition gives the course an introduction to fluvial sediment transport.


TVM 5160 Headworks and Sedimentation Engineering, Autumn semster

Basic sediment transport theory – Basics of physical hydraulic modeling, model  laws, scale effects and laboratory requirements – The framework for use of water  resources in sediment loaded rivers – Sediment sampling and laboratory analysis – Real-time sediment monitoring – Sediment data analysis for planning and design  of hydropower projects – Planning and design of headwork for Run-of-River  hydropower projects – Performance of drop, side and frontal intakes, based on  physical model tests in laboratory – Planning and design of settling basins – Computation of trapping efficiency of settling basin – Methods for removal of  sediment from settling basins – Reservoir sedimentation processes and estimation  of reservoir service life – Bathymetric survey of reservoirs – Sediment management methods in reservoirs, their application and limitations


VM 8107 Advanced hydraulics, Autumn semester

The course covers selected topics in hydraulics, hydraulic design  and river engineering. The content will be designed for each student  individually. The following topics can be part of the course: – super critical flow (air entrainment, cavitation, deflection of flow) – energy dissipation –  physical modeling techniques – fish passages and blockage – culvert hydraulics – ice at hydropower intakes – intake hydraulics – sediment transport i rivers and  reservoirs – Erosion protection / rip-rap design



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